Mycra Pac Raincoats Size Conversion Chart

Mycra Pac Raincoats have update there size chart to be make choosing your size raincoat simpler for you.

Below is the Mycra Pac Raincoat conversion chart to convert the old size naming to the new size naming. Raincoat dimensions have remained the same.

Mycra Pac Size Conversion Chart

Mycra Pac Size Conversion Chart

Mycra Pac has updated its size naming convention to make shopping for the correct size simple and easy. Here is a conversion chart to help you choose your sizing. The raincoats measurments have remained the same. All that has changed is the size naming.

  • XS is still XS

  • Petite is now Small

  • Small / Medium is now Medium

  • Medium / Large is now Large

  • 1X is still 1X

Mycra Pac Grass Raincoat

Mycra Pac Grass Raincoat

TSA Packing Requirements and 3-1-1 Liquid Rules


3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3.4 ounce bottle or less; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring. 3.4 oz. container size is a security measure.

Consolidate bottles into one bag and X-ray separately to speed screening.

Be prepared. Each time TSA searches a carry-on it slows down the line. Practicing 3-1-1 will ensure a faster and easier checkpoint experience.

3-1-1 is for short trips. If in doubt, put your liquids in checked luggage.

Declare larger liquids. Medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.

Come early and be patient. Heavy travel volumes and the enhanced security process may mean longer lines at security checkpoints.

TSA working with our partners. TSA works with airlines and airports to anticipate peak traffic and be ready for the traveling public.

Acceptable Identification at check out include:

  • U.S. passport

  • U.S. passport card

  • DHS "Trusted Traveler" cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)

  • U.S. Military ID (active duty or retired military and their dependents, and DOD civilians)

  • Permanent Resident Card

  • Border Crossing Card

  • DHS-designated enhanced driver's license

  • Drivers Licenses or other state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent) NEW DRIVERS LICENSE REQUIREMENTS APPLY

  • A Native American Tribal Photo ID

  • An airline or airport-issued ID (if issued under a TSA-approved security plan)

  • A foreign government-issued passport

  • Canadian provincial driver's license or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) card

  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)


TSA: Prohibited Sharp Items

Box Cutters: Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Ice Axes/Ice Picks: Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Knives – except for plastic or round bladed butter knives:  Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Meat Cleavers: Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Razor-Type Blades – such as box cutters, utility knives, and safety razor blades (disposable razors and their cartridges are permitted):  Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Sabers: Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

Scissors – metal with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches:  Carry-on: Yes Checked: Yes

Swords – cutting or thrusting weapons, including fencing foils:  Carry-on: No Checked: Yes

NOTE: Any sharp objects in checked baggage should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

For the full list of prohibited items go to the TSA Travel Website.


MyTSA Mobile Application Now Available

MyTSA has multiple functions, including the following tools:

  • Airport Status: Users can see what airports are experiencing general delays (not flight specific) or search for conditions at a specific airport. This information is provided by the FAA.

  • ‘Can I Bring?’: Users can type in an item they plan to bring on a trip to find out if it is permitted or prohibited, and whether they can pack it in carry-on or checked bags.

  • Guide: Users can get travel tips on an array of some of the most popular topics of air travel, including traveling with children, 3-1-1 rules for liquids, gels and aerosols, special medical needs, packing tips, tips for how to dress for airport security, tips for military members, and traveling with food and gifts.

  • Security wait times: MyTSA gives passengers the ability to share their wait time and see what wait times other passengers have posted for U.S. airports.

  • Wait Times: Passengers can also post the approximate amount of time it took them to get through security for other travelers to view.

To get MyTSA on your mobile device, type in

You can find the MyTSA iPhone app on iTunes.

For any additional, up-to-date information with TSA, please visit their website:

Memory Foam Komfort Kollar The Best Thing To Happen To Travel Pillows

Komfort Kollar Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Komfort Kollar Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is one of the  most popular travel pillows Going In Style sells. The cushy Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® offers 360 degree support to hold your neck in a comfortable position no matter which way your head naturally falls while sleeping upright. Velcro strap can loosen or tighten the neck pillow to adjust to individual neck sizes. When sleeping on an airplane with an unsupportive neck pillow, your head can over tilt too far causing pain and spasming in your neck. Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is designed to support your neck and avoid overtilting.

Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is constructed with a top quality, extremely soft, visco-memory foam core, wrapped in a soft washable cover made of 75 / 25% Cotton / Poly Velour. Patented Velcro straps allow you to adjust your pillow for the perfect fit.

Travelers may feel like the Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is too bulky to pack, however the squishy memory foam can be scrunched down to a rather small size. You can easily slip the Komfort Kollar under the handle of your carry on luggage so you don't have to carry the neck pillow through the airport.

If the 360 degree substantial memory foam support and lightweight packability doesn't convince you, perhaps the Wall Street Journal can perused you that the Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is the best thing to happen to travel pillows. The Wall Street Journal tested out several travel pillows for a piece in the Wall Street Journal's Travel Section. The expert at the Wall Street Journal declared the Komfort Kollar the "Best overall", "Best Value", and "The Winner". 

Memory Foam Komfort Kollar is a winner in our book! You can read reviews from our customers on Amazon.


New Sapphire Donatella Mycra Pac Raincoat

Going In Style now carries the new Sapphire blue colored Donatella raincoat from Mycra Pac. Gorgeous deep blue- teal colored coat has been added to the Donatella collection in three different lengths mini, short and tea

When traveling to wet destinations such as India, London, or Ireland, Going In Style wants you to travel in comfort and style. Visit to shop Mycra Pac raincoats and rainy destination travel accessories.

Travel First Aid Kit What To Pack

When traveling it is important to take along a first aid kit for emergencies.  Take along bandages and antibiotic ointment for any cuts and scrapes you might get.  Also keep in mind, travelers often have stomach trouble from the stress of traveling, change in diet and different organisms in the water that your body is not accustomed to.  Be sure to pack anti-diarrhea medicine and Tums for any stomach problems you might have. Going In Style Travel Pillows and Comforts has a Medi Store Travel Pill and First Aid Organizer for assembling your own custom First Aid Kit to meet your first aid travel needs.

You may also want to take along a BlisterMedic Foot Care First Aid Kit designed just to take care of your tired, sore feet.

What to Keep in Your Travel First Aid Storage Kit

  • Mini Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Aspirin
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Thermometer
  • Non Latex Gloves
  • Tums
  • Anti Diarrhea
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Oral Antihistamine
  • Aloe Vera
  • No Jet Lag Tablets
  • Tums
  • Adhesive Medical Tape
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Oral Re-hydration Salts
  • Duct Tape

Don't Forget Your Adapter Plug



Going In Style has a new Travel Adapter Website; no matter where your travels take you, you will have the adapters you need for all of your electronics and appliances. Going In Style's new adapter site is easily searchable for the adapter you need.  Deluxe Adapter Kits included both grounded and non grounded adapters and ship Priority mail so you will have your adapter to you in no time.

This new adapter site makes it easy to find the adapter you need for your destination country.  You can easily search in alphabetical order by country A to Z or by world region including CaribbeanAfrica and Oceania.

An adapter plug is necessary if you are bringing your North America appliances such as cell phone chargers, hair dryer, iPad charger and laptop on your trip.  In the United States we use appliance plugs with two flat pins, however other countries have various pin configurations for their electrical outlets.  In order to plug your United States plug into a foreign outlet you will need an adapter plug.  Almost anyone that travels abroad will need to bring an adaptor with them on their trip.

Whether you are traveling to BhutanIndiaEnglandKorea or are touring Europe, you can easily find the adapter you need for your trip.

Going In Style Has Launched a New Travel Comfort Website

Going In Style has a new Travel Pillows and Comforts Website so that no matter where your travels take you, you will be as cozy and as comfortable as you would be in your own home. Going In Style's new comfort pillow website site makes it easy to find the travel pillow, eye mask and blanket you need.

Going In Style Travel Pillows and Comforts Store began with the goal of offering a complete selection of travel accessories for traveling to some of the most beautiful world destinations. Our website offers a comprehensive selection of travel pillows, blankets and eye shades to make your travels enjoyable and relaxing.

When you travel, take with you the amenities you need to relax and enjoy yourself on your trip.  Going In Style's pillows, neck pillows and blankets are easily packable.  One of our favorite neck pillows is the Memory Foam Komfort Kollar designed by a surgeon with proper neck support and neck well-being in mind.  The Komfor Kollar Neck Support Pillow supports your cervical spine from all angles. The Memory Foam Komfort Kollar is firm enough to support your chin, head and neck while you snooze sitting up, yet soft enough to fold up and easily pack into your suitcase or handbag.  The poly velour, soft, neck pillow cover is removable and washable.  Neck pillows allow you to get the shut eye you need, anytime, anywhere, so you are well rested for your trip.

Debug Your Hotel Room


Its always unnerving when you discover a creepy, crawly spider in your otherwise clean hotel room.  Some countries just have a large bug bug population and you have to be weary. Not to mention the worry of bed bugs in your hotel room.  The occurrence of bed bugs in large cities such as New York and Tokyo have increased.  The influx of bed bugs in large cities is partially due to the illegality of strong insecticides and partially due to the amount of international travelers that pass through these large cities.  Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on a pant leg or suit case and end up in another country within hours.

Bed bugs are small, little, blood sucking insects that live in dark corners and come out at night to feed. These bugs are oval shape and dark colored. Bed bugs are hard to spot since these insects like to hide, and can go up to a year without feeding.  Bed bugs can leave behind fecal matter that is just dried up blood.  The fecal matter looks like dark, little spots.

When you get to the hotel, ask to look at your hotel room first. If you inspect your hotel room before you bring your luggage up it will be easier to ask for a room switch and you don't have to worry about contaminating your luggage if you do spot bed bug signs.  Although it is always hard to spot a bed bug, you can always inspect your room for tell tale signs.


When you inspect your hotel room, bring a flashlight with you.  Carefully pull back the bedding and look for bed bug residue on the sheets and comforter cover. Thoroughly check the seems around the bedding and pull the sheets back to look at the mattress.  Also look behind the headboard, pictures and furniture.  If you find any signs of bed bugs request another room and follow the same inspection. 

When you find a room that looks bed bug free, still take precaution.  Keep your luggage up off the floor.

Debug your hotel room with Rest Asure Bug Spray when you arrive—and your clothes and suitcase when you leave. This odorless, nontoxic spray (safe for people, pets and plants) kills bedbugs, eggs and larvae on contact and can be used on any surface. Fast-acting minerals ensure you don’t need to wait between spraying and sleeping. Contains no oils or fragrances; leaves no stains or residue.