Going In Style Has Launched a New Travel Comfort Website

Going In Style has a new Travel Pillows and Comforts Website so that no matter where your travels take you, you will be as cozy and as comfortable as you would be in your own home. Going In Style's new comfort pillow website site makes it easy to find the travel pillow, eye mask and blanket you need.

Going In Style Travel Pillows and Comforts Store began with the goal of offering a complete selection of travel accessories for traveling to some of the most beautiful world destinations. Our website offers a comprehensive selection of travel pillows, blankets and eye shades to make your travels enjoyable and relaxing.

When you travel, take with you the amenities you need to relax and enjoy yourself on your trip.  Going In Style's pillows, neck pillows and blankets are easily packable.  One of our favorite neck pillows is the Memory Foam Komfort Kollar designed by a surgeon with proper neck support and neck well-being in mind.  The Komfor Kollar Neck Support Pillow supports your cervical spine from all angles. The Memory Foam Komfort Kollar is firm enough to support your chin, head and neck while you snooze sitting up, yet soft enough to fold up and easily pack into your suitcase or handbag.  The poly velour, soft, neck pillow cover is removable and washable.  Neck pillows allow you to get the shut eye you need, anytime, anywhere, so you are well rested for your trip.