Disposable Pillowcases for Travel


Disposable Pillowcases for Travel


When traveling on airplanes it is smart to bring your own comfort sets and this includes pillow cases.  There is no guarantee that the the pillow the flight attendant hands you has not been used before and is free of germs.  Bringing your own pillow case for your airplane pillow can help prevent colds, acne and fungal infections.

Bring your own airline style travel pillowcase to help you rest assured you are not using someone's pillow and sharing their germs!!!


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Keep your airplane pillow hygienic with the travel airplane disposable pillowcase.  These pillow cases are a must have for acne prone skin to avoid bacteria on your face while you slumber on your flight.  Also avoid fungal infections of the scalp, tinea capitis, that can be transferred by sharing pillows.  Tinea capitis fungal spores can spread easily and can live on objects such as cushions and headrests for months.

Disposable Pillowcases for Travel Features:

  • Comes with 2 pillowcase per pack
  • Fits over all airplane pillows
  • Pillowcase size 12 x 16"