RestAsure Bed Bug Spray


RestAsure Bed Bug Spray


Get rid of Bed Bugs for good - This odorless, nontoxic spray (safe for people, pets and plants) kills bedbugs, eggs and larvae on contact and can be used on any surface. Fast-acting minerals ensure you don’t need to wait between spraying and sleeping. Contains no oils or fragrances; leaves no stains or residue.

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Bed Bug Spray Rest Asure Features:

  • Kills Bed Bugs, Larvae and Eggs
  • 3 oz
  • Made in USA

Read More About Bed Bugs

Debug your hotel room when you arrive—and your clothes and suitcase when you leave.

Bed bugs are small, non-flying insects that feed by sucking blood from unsuspecting humans or animals. Their bites leave large red welts on the skin, causing irritation and rashes.

Bed bugs can invade a home or place of business a number of ways, most commonly by ‘hitching’ or laying eggs on articles of clothing, luggage or bags, or even inside furniture. Bed bugs are attracted to living things and feed on blood, not filth – so no matter how clean you keep your home or business it does nothing to prevent a bed bug infestation. Before now, treatment options were ineffective, dangerous and limited