Evian Facial Spray Mist Small - Set of Two


Evian Facial Spray Mist Small - Set of Two


Evian refreshes and revitalizes your face and skin. The Small Evian spray mist can holds 1.7 oz.  TSA compliant size you can keep the Minereal Water Spray Mist in your handbag or carry on.  Small size mineral water spray atomizer will fit in your gym bag or purse.

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Evian Spray Mist Size Small Set of Two Features:

  • 1.7 oz of Spray
  • Pure Natural Evian Mineral Water
  • Dimensions 1.25" X 5.25"
  • Ships in Set of Two

Use pure water from the Alps to hydrate your skin and help fix your make up evian® facial spray is the ideal beauty partner for perfect make-up. Used by professional make-up artists, it helps fix and refresh make-up during the day. For perfect make-up, after applying your foundation, spritz for 3 seconds 30 cm away from the face and allow to dry. Its fine mist helps eliminate any surplus and evens out the complexion to ensure a completely natural result.

Evian Spray Mineral Water feels rejuvenating after a long hot day.  Whether you are out hiking, biking, sightseeing or enjoying dinner with friends, Evian Mineral Water Atomizer will leave your skin feeling clean and renewed.

With its light mist, evian® facial spray hydrates, refreshes and tones your skin throughout the day. Using evian® facial spray regularly improves the skin’s hydration by up to 16%* and gives you an immediate feeling of freshness. It helps the skin regain its water balance and also helps combat dryness caused by air conditioning or pollution

You can use evian® facial spray anywhere: in the bathroom, on the beach, in any means of transport or at the office!