Ear Plugs - Aqua Ears


Ear Plugs - Aqua Ears


Remember to pack your Aqua Ears Ear Plugs with you on your way to the gym pool for swimming laps or when you are on a vacation. 

These Aqua Water Ear Plugs are specially designed for swimmers with the exclusive CeramX filter system.  These ear plugs are safe, soft and perfect for water lovers. Swimmers can now block water from entering their ears, while still being able to hear swim instructors or friends that arepoolside.

Aqua ears provides swimming earplugs for both Children & Adults.


Children's AquaEars for ages 3-11.

Adult AquaEars for ages 12 and up.

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With Aqua Ears Travel Ear Plugs you can protect your ears from water pressure and harmful water pollutants.  These special water ear plugs are ideal for Swimming, bathing, studying & loud events. Helps to prevent Swimmer's Ear by keeping water out of the ears.  Protect your ears from wetness and moisture.  Helps to prevent Swimmer's Ear by keeping water out of the ears

Aqua Ears safely keep out water and reduce ear pain & discomfort caused by water pressure. Will not interfere with normal hearing. Package includes a convenient carrying case. Great for traveling to that special ocean side resort. AquaEars are soft, silicone earplugs to be used to protect the ears from water damage while swimming or bathing and for noise reduction. AquaEars are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. 

Aqua Ears Travel Ear Plugs Feature"

  • Universal one size fits most
  • Carrying case included
  • Reusable
  • Helps to prevent Swimmer's Ear by keeping water out of the ears

How To Use Aqua Ears Ear Plugs:

1. Make sure area around ear opening is clean and dry. Place plug over ear opening and press gently until snug.

2. DO NOT push into ear canal because ear plug may be difficult to remove. Use whole ear plug. Use until dirty or stickiness is gone.