Bucky Travel Pillow and Eye Mask Set


Bucky Travel Pillow and Eye Mask Set


Bucky Pillow and EyeMask Comfort Set comes complete with travel pillow and eye mask.

Bucky Eye Shade Eye Mask is a lightweight pillow soft eye mask that comes with an inner black out cloth to cradle your eyes without pressure. Comes with form fitting ear plugs, that store inside their own pocket. Super soft cotton-covered padding.

Washable Dimensions: 4 x 10" and Weight: 2oz

Bucky Pillow offers a private oasis of calm and comfort. U-shaped neck pillow is filled with move able, premium grade buckwheat hulls so it can be molded to the shape you find most comfortable. Gently cradles your head neck and shoulders. A washable cover of soft cotton velour.

Dimensions: 12 x 13" and Weight: 1 lb

A great gift for the frequent traveler!

Buckwheat Hull Filling:

  • Grips together under bodyweight providing cozy stable passive support
  • Distributes weight evenly
  • Cool with constant ventilation
  • Lightweight and airy soothing sounds when you move
  • Scrunchy grainy texture
  • A traditional pillow filling used for centuries in Asia
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